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Aquazul Inc.


Aquazul Inc.

 A responsive and efficient team at your service

Contact AQUAZUL for all restoration and decontamination requirements of your building in Montreal, on the South Shore and North Shore.

We possess the skills to meet customer needs whether in the residential, commercial, industrial or public sector.

Mould decontamination

Residential, commercial, industrial mould decontamination. Contact a team specialized in mould remediation. Mould in the walls, in the attic or in the basement; we can remedy this situation.

Air quality analysis

Air quality analysis of households. Specialized in the analysis and testing of air quality of households. Services available throughout the province of Quebec.

Various services for the restoration of your building

For many years now, our company has carried out various restoration projects. You can place your trust in us for the renovation of your home whether this involves a general or partial restoration. Reputed for our skills as building inspectors, we are able to detect and solve all your mould and asbestos problems. We also offer indoor air quality analysis services. You can also call upon our services for demolition works. With regard to asbestos removal, we possess all the equipment required for this process.

Post-disaster – Flooding

Post-disaster mould removal services. For schools, households, workplaces, commercial and industrial environments. Dry-ice blasting, removal of contaminated flooring and mould remediation.

Post-disaster equipment rental

HEPA filters, dehumidifiers, air movers, vacuum cleaner and all equipment required for decontamination.

Your disaster recovery specialist

In the event of a disaster (fire, water damage, vandalism, etc.), we immediately come to your aid. We possess great expertise in the field and mobilize a responsive and efficient team. Following your emergency call, we take care of everything. We offer complete cleaning and decontamination services. We are able to carry out all required renovation works while taking all necessary precautions. We possess many certifications which attest to the quality of our services.

You can place your trust in us for all your restoration needs

Aquazul Inc.

9220 Boulevard Langelier,

Saint-Léonard, QC H1P 2E1


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RBQ license : 5699-1755-01