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Air analysis specialists in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore

AQUAZUL is a company specialized in the analysis of interior air.

We are based in Montreal and offer our services throughout the entire North Shore and South Shore.

Reliable analysis techniques

As building inspection specialists, we offer a reliable service for the evaluation and analysis of indoor air quality. Our company consists of experienced specialists. We use advanced analysis and thermographic inspection techniques. We also help you in identifying the source of your mould and asbestos problems. You will, therefore, be able to carry out the necessary improvements and renovations.

Analyse de l’air intérieur Montréal

 Our company consists of qualified experts 

Services of superior quality

We know how much indoor air quality may affect health. This is why we do our very best to provide reliable services for all matters relating to building inspection. Our sole objective is to offer you a healthier living environment with an optimum air quality. We are proud to have BENJEL, an air quality expert in Quebec, as one of our partners.

Enjoy a healthy home with better indoor air quality

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Aquazul Inc.

6495 Rue Magloire,

Saint-Léonard, QC H1P 1N6


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(514) 885-5500

RBQ license : 5699-1755-01